The next teaser trailer for The Grand Tour has dropped, which means it must be Wednesday. It’s hard to believe the fourth episode is already upon us, but then again we’re also about to bid farewell to 2017, so yeah, things are moving right along. So what can fans of TGT expect this Friday?

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At first glance, it looks like more of the same. We see Jeremy in an Audi TT, James in a Lada, and Richard in an off-road-ish Aerial Nomad for what should be the adventure portion of the episode. We also see Richard piloting a McLaren 720S, which presumably means the series is moving away from the handicapped-Hammond segments following his infamous dust-up with the Rimac that was featured in the first episode. There will be more head-to-head celebrity contests – this time featuring classical singers – and there’s also a glimpse of the show’s new racing driver Abbie Eaton on the test track, presumably setting a time in the McLaren.

However, there could be a very big difference with this episode. Much criticism has been leveled against the motoring trio over the years for episodes that are too scripted. It’s often been said that even the seemingly random segments of The Grand Tour are scripted to the finest detail, as were the episodes when the three hosted Top Gear. As such, this new episode is allegedly completely unscripted. In fact, the title of the episode is even called “Unscripted” and the description in this teaser clip says the aforementioned adventure portion was filmed completely off-the-cuff. Supposedly, this was done to show critics viewers that, like it or not, having some kind of script is important.

The Grand Tour Episode 4 Teaser
The Grand Tour Episode 4 Teaser

Whether or not this episode is actually unscripted is anyone’s guess. One thing we would like to see, however, is something more on Eaton. Given all the talk about the lack of a female presence when the presenters hosted Top Gear, bringing in Eaton to basically fill The Stig’s shoes without any sort of lead-up or mention has become a seriously awkward elephant in the room. Perhaps the “unscripted” nature of episode four will change that.

We shall all find out in a couple days, when the next episode goes live on Amazon Prime Friday morning U.K. time, which translates to Thursday evening in the U.S.

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