Find out how Tesla CEO Elon Musk is clawing back his fortune in the midst of an expensive divorce, inside.

With public trading of common stock in Tesla Motors now underway, Tesla CEO Elon Musk managed to earn at least $24 million.  Public filings show that Musk has already sold 1.42 million personally-held shares in his company.

Musk is believed to have sunk at least $70 million of his own money in Tesla, and has made massive investments in his other companies, including private rocket builder SpaceX and solar panel firm SolarCity.  He earned $300 million through the sale of PayPal and Zip2, however a filing related to his much publicised divorce from wife Justine showed that he only had $650,000 remaining in "liquid assets," according to the Detroit Free Press.

Tesla's CEO still has 26.9 million shares of the company.  The stock closed at $23.83 on Wednesday, setting the value of the shares at over $641 million.

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