Find out what is included in the new SD SU35 Ferrari F430 kit from Russian firm Status Design. The details inside.

Engineers at Russian firm Status Design have come up with a new package for the Ferrari 430.  The company says their SD SU35 body kit gives the car a look that is superior to other design changes.

This is a point that will no doubt be argued by many.  Beginning with the Scuderia Red and Racing Grey colors seen on the F430 Scuderia, the tuning firm added a series of parts made from carbon fiber.  This includes a new hood, sidesills, rear spoiler, and mirrors.

They used a Scuderia front bumper, with an integrated carbon fiber spoiler, and a Scuderia rear bumper, with a carbon fiber diffuser.  The signature wheels are also installed, though the Titanic Dark Blue color of the wheels looks odd against the charcoal-colored carbon fiber parts.  Behind the wheels are new ceramic disc brakes.

Power on the Ferrari F430 SD SU35 is increased from 490 PS (360 kW) to 525 PS (386 kW) through new engine software.  Top speed on the car is listed at 325 km/h (202 mph).  However, with a Novitec Rosso supercharger, power can be upgraded further to 700 PS (515 kW / 690 bhp).  A new sports exhaust was also added.

Pricing for the SD SU35 Ferrari F430 kit was not revealed.

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