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The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is already more than six years old, but it remains one of the best-selling models in the compact premium SUV segment. With more than 110,000 deliveries worldwide, 2016 was one of the best-selling years in the model’s history, and this year is also shaping up to be quite strong. In total, more than 600,000 units have been assembled to date.

Undoubtedly, the Evoque’s success is in part possible thanks to the creative marketing campaigns from the British manufacturer. The compact crossover is now preparing for another model year and Land Rover has a new promotional video to go along.

See the next-gen model:

It’s on the company’s official YouTube channel and already has more than 3.5 million views. The commercial puts the Evoque against a giant speed bump – actually, “the mother of all speed bumps.” It’s a really huge metal ramp, installed by “city planners,” which becomes an unconquerable barrier for most of the vehicles.

Naturally, the Range Rover Evoque is the only car able to get over the colossal bump, proving it’s more than just a luxurious SUV for the road. Land Rover simply describes its recipe as a vehicle “born in the wild,” but “adapted to the city.”

Range Rover Evoque

As standard, the Evoque is equipped with Land Rover’s Terrain Response system, which alters the throttle response, power distribution, and suspension settings according to the conditions to maximize the traction, and also includes electronic stability control, roll stability control, traction control, and an optional hill descent control. All-wheel drive is optional, too.

For the 2014 model year facelift, the vehicle received an improved four-wheel drive system, which replaced the previous generation IV Haldex permanent system. The new layout is active and sends power to the two axles depending on the traction.

In the United States, the Evoque has a starting price of $41,800.

Source: Land Rover on YouTube

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