2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class Has Been Caught Testing in Icy Sweden. A Soft-Top Seems the Way as Far as Cabriolet Goes.

The next CLK-Class is now testing in icy Sweden. Worldcarfans.com can confirm this, and so can you, by glancing to the image above. We’ve certainly seen it before testing in Stuttgart, but now is the chance of icy Sweden.

What news on this CLK? Since you already know pretty much everything – range of engines, drivetrain, possible 4Matic AWD, gadgets and so on, perhaps you’d like to know what sort of hat it will sport? It seems bucking the trend is the new Merc way, with a soft-top roof coming in later in time for summer 2009. This at a time when main rival BMW is doing things the hard way, so to speak, with coupe cabriolets that were best known in Mercedes-Benz productions such as SL and SLK.

On top of this we have computer renderings which show the possible look of the completed car. Here you can make out how the current S-Class has influenced everything else below it, even though S herself bears smoother lines all around, as opposed to sharp, pointy shapes of C, SL, CL and now CLK.

CLK has always had the greatest sporting potential of all four-plus seater Mercs. So Merc will offer the Advanced Agility pack on this too, which greatly improves cornering ability and helps in making the cars very unMerc. DTM? Black Series? Foregone conclusion.

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