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Since their first vehicle was released in 1999, fans have certainly known that Pagani cars were quick, to say the least.  Now the company is laying claim to one of the most prestigious lap records around, with an unofficial report that the Pagani Zonda R finished the difficult Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit in just 6m 47s.

The photos here show the Zonda R as it made its alleged record-breaking run.  Pagani's driver is currently unknown, though FIA GT Championship driver Marc Basseng has driven for them in the past.

The lap time, if true, is just one second faster than the record set by the Radical SR8 LM, claimed in August 2009 with Dutch driver Michael Vergers behind the wheel.  Pagani's alleged time completely demolishes the 6m 58s time posted by the Ferrari 599XX in April.

Weighing only 1,070 kilograms, the Pagani Zonda R is able to race to 100 km/h in under 2.7 seconds.  It has a 351 km/h (218 mph) top speed, thanks to its 740-horsepower (552 kW / 750 PS) 6.0-liter V12 engine.  The engine sends out up to 710 Nm (524 ft-lb) of torque, guaranteeing ultra fast sprints.

At a cost of €1.5 million, only 15 units of the Zonda R will be assembled.

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