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We’re used to seeing auto repair guru Arthur Tussik tackling cars with mangled front clips on his YouTube channel. By comparison, the damage on this BMW X5 doesn’t seem too bad at all, though we’re seriously curious as to what caused this SUV to basically get sandwiched on both driver and passenger sides. Once again, however, we see that even “light” damage often requires significantly more attention than one might realize.

Tussik's latest video:

In this case, the crux of the heavy repair work seems to take place at the left rear quarter panel and dog leg, which Tussik ultimately decides to cut out and replace. Before that can happen though, he needs to pull the crunched metal out to make sure the good sections line up properly with the fresh metal. It seems odd to spend time affecting repairs on a part that’s going to be cut out and replaced, but that’s part of the process of ensuring panels line up like they should. And once that damaged section was cut out, damage to the inner structure was also revealed which he hammered back into shape.

BMW X5 Repair
BMW X5 Repair

This video spends much more time showing the finer points of body repair. There’s a little bit of pulling on both quarter panels, and Tussik also uses a puller for some of the door hinges which were slightly bent. It’s very interesting to see the specialty tools used here to pull out the bent metal in very specific ways, which Tussik then shapes with the help of various body hammers. With everything lined up, replacement doors along with front and rear fascias are simply bolted into place.

The repair took 10 days all total, split evenly among metal and paintwork. It doesn’t sound like that much, until you consider the hours spent pulling and hammering on metal in one specific area before moving onto the next, only to repeat the process. And the final product looks great, save for the wheels which we’ll assume are scheduled to be replaced as well because those look seriously unsafe.

Once again, Tussik shows us just how much skill we don’t have.

Source: Arthur Tussik via YouTube

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