The Lancia 037 and Delta Integrale make a sound better than most Christmas carolers, though.

Last year, London-based classic vehicle dealer Girardo & Co. released a fantastic holiday video that showed a Lancia 037 rally car picking up a Christmas tree. The team there has just released an amazing follow-up showing the same machine pressed into duty for doing some Christmas shopping. This appears to be the same 037 as the clip last year, meaning it has an impressive competition pedigree by being driver Henri Toivonen's car from the Lancia factory rally squad.

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The new video starts nearly the same way as last year's by having the 037 motor through town and then open up once it hits country roads. While the coupe makes a fantastic sound and looks great sliding around, there's no denying that the vehicle is a failure when it comes to hauling holiday presents. The utter lack of cargo capacity means that there's no place to put them. In this case, there's good news, though, because Girardo & Co. gets to pull another classic Lancia rally car out of the garage.

A Delta Integrale comes to the rescue by racing over hill and dale to reach the 037. Again, there's fantastic audio and cinematography that captures this famous racer. Unfortunately, a rally-prepped Lancia doesn't have much more utility than its older counterpart because a fuel cell takes up the rear hatch. 

Girardo & Co has a solution, though. The company's Martini-liveried Iveco box truck comes to the rescue, and it offers plenty of room for even the biggest gifts.

If you missed last year's video from Girardo & Co., it is embedded below. Seeing a Lancia 037 doing donuts with an evergreen on the roof never gets old.




Source: Girardo & Co. via Vimeo, 2


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