UPDATE: More Hondas and a batch of Suzukis are now in the slideshow.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is similar to the SEMA Show in the United States in that it gives automaker's and aftermarket companies a spotlight for showing off their latest parts. Unlike SEMA, the Tokyo Auto Salon is open to the general public, so the exhibitors there also use the event as an opportunity to connect with hardcore automotive enthusiasts. By being both for fans and for the industry, Tokyo Auto Salon generally hosts a wide breadth of custom vehicles from mild body kits to crazy tuner cars.

Most folks (including us) won't be able to make it to Tokyo to see all of the show's sights, but this slideshow highlights the announcements from Japan's major automakers so far. We intend to update with more vehicles as they debut.

More News From The 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon:

Source: Honda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Nissan, Mazda, Tokyo Auto Salon

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