NisMo festival celebration of pedigree track racing Nissan of all kinds including the awsome GT-R GT500

This video is montage covering the recent NisMo festival held in Japan at the end of last year. With enough brawny machinery to satisfy the most die hard Nissan fan, the NisMo event is a must. There are racing Z’s, original PGC10 Skyline’s though to R32’s and R34’s.

The star of the event though would have to be the GT-R GT500. Built to compete in this year’s Japanese SUPER GT series, the Nissan GT-R GT500 is captured in the pits and on track. Loosely based on its road orientated cousin, the GT500 utilises a naturally aspirated VK45 4.5L V8 which is carried over from the 2007 Z GT-500. The choice to use this powerplant in favour of the VR38DETT 3.8L V6 of the road car may prove a prudent decision as the combination of V6 and GR6 automated dual clutch transmission is yet unproven in circuit racing. 2008 marks the return of GT-R to racing, following the transition from the R34 Skyline to the Z coupe five years ago. According to Nissan, the new GT-R is said to improve on the previous Z’s aerodynamics and this has been inherited in the race car along with a lower centre of gravity. The VK45 engine is also said to provide improvements to power and efficiency. Shame we can’t hear it during the video then.