Want the Panamericana grille and quad exhaust? You will have to step up to the A45.

The wheels might not immediately make you think of an AMG product, but there are reasons to believe this prototype of the next-generation Mercedes A-Class has received the special treatment from Affalterbach. Set to act as the entry point into the continuously growing AMG family, the A35 has already been confirmed by Tobias Moers, none other than the man in charge of Mercedes’ go-faster division.


Caught testing on a damp road in Germany, the camouflaged A-Class was not shy to show off its AMG radiator grille with twin blades. At the back, it had a brand new exhaust setup with a pair of oval tips in the same vein as those seen on the Audi RS3 Sportback and Sedan, though these seem to be a wee bit smaller in diameter.

Moers has described the warm A-Class as being the A45’s “little brother” and he went on to specify he sees a “huge opportunity” for what will be the cheapest AMG model. It’s safe to say it will go after the likes of Volkswagen Golf R and Audi S3, so it will have over 300 horsepower and standard all-wheel drive. Taking into account the A45 has already been confirmed to surpass 400 hp, the newcomer in the AMG lineup certainly won’t step on its toes.

As a final note, the normal A-Class was also caught by the spy camera earlier this week with a rather deceiving body-colored camouflage. Latest gossip – via Mercedes-Benz Passion blog - indicates the standard model will be fully unveiled on February 2, prior to a public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The U.S.-bound sedan will arrive several months later, and who knows, maybe the A35 will also be out in 2018 considering the A45 is expected to land in 2019.

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