Optimus Prime is back. Thankfully we’re not talking about another Michael Bay iteration of Transformers, but rather the blue Tesla Model X owned by Bjørn Nyland. We’ve watched a few of Nyland’s clips now, and he isn’t shy about exploring the boundaries of his electric SUV. The latest adventure features another tug-of-war, this time against a machine that most definitely qualifies for the heavyweight category. We’re speaking of the gone-but-not-forgotten Hummer H2.

First things first – the last time Nyland did a tug-of-war the deck was stacked in his favor, as the contest took place in a snow-covered lot and the Tesla was wearing studded snow tires while the competing Toyota Land Cruiser was not. For this run both vehicles are wearing studded snows, but curiously enough, the showdown is happening on wet pavement where studs can actually be a liability.

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In any case, the outcome this time isn’t so one-sided. The Hummer effortlessly drags the Model X on two out of three pulls despite having considerably less power than the Tesla. Of course, such contests really have nothing at all to do with power, but traction. The H2 won the first two rounds because it simply stayed put while the Model X spun away. Aside from a reduction of surface tension, spinning tires leads to warmer tires, which can be good for a prepared stretch of tarmac at a drag strip but in the real world, it generally culminates in less grip. Hence why pretty much every pickup truck pull-off you’ve ever seen has the losing truck producing enough tire smoke to block out the sun, while the winner casually pulls away.

Tesla Model X Vs Hummer H2
Tesla Model X Vs Hummer H2

With the wet pavement the runs here aren’t quite as dramatic, but the Hummer does lose round three because the tires start to spin right away. At that point, a bit of patience from the Tesla driver is all that’s required to ruin the H2’s day.

And that, folks, is how you win at vehicle tug-of-war.

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Source: Bjørn Nyland via YouTube

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