Verde Mantis is an eye-popping shade that generally covers Lamborghinis, but the colorful crew at the Abu Dhabi Motors BMW dealer now has a custom M3 for sale in the verdant hue. In combination with the exposed carbon fiber roof and black accent trim, it makes for a fantastic looking sport sedan.

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Abu Dhabi often dresses us its custom cars with stylish body kits, but this M3 remains stock. The set of thin-spoked wheels is an attractive choice, too. However, we wish the brake calipers could be Verde Mantis or black to match the rest of the body because their gold finish doesn't look quite right with the rest of the exterior.

Inside, there's black leather upholstery with neon green stitching as a colorful flourish on the dashboard, seats, and door panels. Carbon fiber trim lends a sporty look to the cabin, too. 

Mechanically, this M3 maintains its stock 3.0-liter biturbo inline six, and it hooks up to BMW's seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. While arguably less engaging than the available six-speed manual, this is probably a better setup for day-to-day driving around Abu Dhabi.

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This colorful M3 is really just the starting point for customs from Abu Dhabi Motors. The Rallye Green B4 S Bi-Turbo (above), which the dealer previously had, was essentially the next step up from this M3 by featuring a similar color but with the added exclusivity of Alpina's tuning. For something really head turning, this M4 convertible featured a Speed Yellow exterior, and the body kit, wheels, and exhaust came from AC Schnitzer. 

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors via Facebook

Gallery: Verde Mantis Green BMW M3

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