The Tokyo Auto Salon offers Japanese automakers a chance to connect with hardcore enthusiasts, and the companies tend to bring a wide array of tuned concepts to appeal to their fans. This year, Nissan will have something for everybody, including a sporty Leaf and a mean looking van. 

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For visitors looking for a stylish vehicle, Nissan will have Grand Touring concepts of the Leaf, NV350 Caravan, and X-Trail at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Each one of these feature black accents and a subtle body kit. The two-tone mix of black and matte silver looks particularly good on the Leaf, but the best of this trio is undoubtedly the Caravan. The dark graphics over the body and matte-finished front end lends a really attractive aesthetic. 

Nissan Leaf NISMO Concept
Nissan NV350 CARAVAN Grand Touring Concept
Nissan GT-R GT500

Visitors that prefer performance over style can check out the Nismo-tuned versions of the Serena minivan, Note, X-Trail, and GT-R. The Leaf Nismo Concept is on display there, too. It wears a body kit that Nissan claims reduces body lift. The body's combination of white, black, and red looks great, too. For improved handling, Nissan fits the EV with a more aggressive suspension setup and high-performance tires. Inside, the concept features red accents in a nod to Nismo's trademark color.

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Nissan also harkens back to the past with the Fairlady Z Heritage Edition. This yellow 370Z features a black stripe and matching accents that are supposed to give the coupe an appearance that evokes the original 240Z. The connection seems tenuous at best, but this is still better than seeing more Star-Wars-themed modified Nissans.

Racing fans at the Tokyo Auto Salon can also check out the GT-R race car from the Super GT series.

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