Find out what is in store at Fiat-owned tuner Abarth. The full story inside.

A progressive, but dramatic, expansion is well underway at Fiat-owned tuning firm Abarth.  While the company is developing its first solely-developed new car in three decades, they will release a series of performance kits for a wide range of Alfa Romeo models.

“The brand is doing so well that we plan to start producing more performance kits for Fiats, and even some Alfa Romeo models,” Alfa executive Antonio Labate told Autocar.  "We won’t be working with the Mito since Alfa already has the Cloverleaf, but there are lots of other possibilities.”

This could also eliminate the Giulietta, already sold as a Quadrifoglio, but we would love to see an Abarth version of the Brera or the Spider.  Since the brand's resurrection in 2008, 22,000 units of the Abarth 500 and Abarth Punto have been purchased from showrooms.