We’ve seen Hyundai’s next evolution for the funky Veloster testing off-and-on through the year, but a new teaser from the manufacturer gives us a chance to hear it as well. The car is still wrapped in a festive camouflage-of-many-colors, but the soundtrack seems a bit, well, throaty to us. In fact, there are moments where the noise seems a bit more V6-ish to our ears. A Veloster V6? Since that makes amount as much sense as using a hand grenade to clean the toilet, we’ll suggest Hyundai is taking some liberties with the sound editing. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time an automaker has done such things.


In all likelihood, the new Veloster will soldier forward with the boosted 1.6-liter four-cylinder for the turbo model, and possibly the 2.0-liter engine currently serving the Elantra GT. A hardcore N model could also be in the works borrowing the 271-hp 2.0-liter turbo from the i30 N, though it probably wouldn’t hit showrooms until sometime after the new model debut.

Speaking of which, there’s some pretty strong evidence that Hyundai will show the refreshed Veloster at the North American International Auto Show next month in Detroit. Official teasers like this video and the photos we reported on a few weeks ago often indicate a manufacturer is close to lifting the curtain. Also, the video list some dates that includes a bracket leading up to the big show, with the video description talking about reservations for on-site events. At least, that’s what Google Translate tells us.

In any case, the new Veloster doesn’t appear to stray very far from the quirky styling that made it a popular standout in the small hatchback genre. We should know exactly what’s beneath that colorful camo – not to mention the hood – very soon.

Source:  Hyundai via YouTube


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