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A new promotional video for BMW has given fans more reason to believe that the company is advancing on development of a new car slotted below the 1-Series.  Dubbed by the media as the "0-Series", the car is seen in four different renderings (approx. 0:20 sec), including one shot on a designer's Wacom Cintiq pen tablet.

At about 0:14 seconds the video also appears to show the clay model of the car, as well as one pencil and charcoal drawing.

BMW is believed to be developing their first-ever front-wheel drive, a car that could share a platform with the MINI Cooper.  Though the existence of a front-wheel BMW had been questioned by brand loyalists, a recent survey by the automaker showed that 80 percent of their 1-Series customers were unaware they owned a rear-wheel drive vehicle.  Potentially, BMW could build a flexible enough platform to also be used on the Megacity, expected in 2013.

In the sketches, the car is shown as a three-seater.  Rumors suggest the sub-compact could also come to market as a five-door, and two-seat roadster.  Do not expect the "0-Series" name to make it to production, as their in-house marketing team will likely torpedo calling the vehicle a zero.

BMW is showing the video as part of their Innovation Days tour in Asia.  The tour began in mid-June in Tokyo, and will continue to Seoul and Hong Kong by mid-October.

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