The world's first premium pickup truck suffers from a multiple personality disorder, but in a good way.

Mercedes took a trio of X-Class pickup trucks to Santiago de Chile to shoot a new promotional video with the utilitarian vehicle in all three Pure, Progressive, and Power trim levels. The entry-level version is barely being shown in the clip, which is too bad as we are particularly fond of this back-to-basics model riding on glorious 17-inch steel wheels and equipped with old-school halogen headlights.

2018 Mercedes X-Class
2018 Mercedes X-Class

The idea behind Mercedes’ new ad for the Nissan Navara-based workhorse is to demonstrate the X-Class is that type of vehicle capable of doing it all, on or off road, inside or outside the city. Aside from featuring some of the kit you can have when placing an order for the pickup truck, the video also shows the X-Class Progressive wearing the Limonite Yellow Metallic coat, a fancy paint that's not actually available.

Built by Renault and Nissan, the X-Class can already be had with an assortment of optional accessories, some of which are depicted in the attached promo. These extra goodies made their debut back in September during the Frankfurt Motor Show where the pickup had multiple soft and hard tonneau covers, side steps, and styling bars in the bed. For those planning to tackle extremely difficult terrains, the X-Class can be purchased with three-piece stainless steel underbody guards to reduce the risks of damaging the engine, gearbox, and exhaust.

With a ladder-type frame, true off-road capabilities, and a versatile loading bed, the X-Class is shaping up to be a competent pickup truck like its Navara and Alaskan siblings, but with more luxury as one would expect from a Mercedes. That being said, some of the company’s rivals are not impressed, with BMW describing it as an “appalling” vehicle while VW recently said that it’s difficult to hide the model’s Navara roots.

Video: Mercedes-Benz

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