Dodge Viper May Be On Its Last Life After 2011 as Fast Rumour Says Halo Car off the Rails From New Management.

A nasty, contagious rumour is doing the rounds regarding the end of life as Dodge fans know it. According to this piece of word, the new owners of the Dodge brand are killing off the famous Dodge Viper in 2011.

What sparked this kinda talk was that Cerberus, owners of Chrysler and Dodge, the company that builds Vipers, are feeling heat in all sorts of strange places, no thanks mainly to the inept Chrysler Sebring. The Sebring is a relatively new car, but reviews and sales have been conspiring against it. Management at Chrysler is exceptionally keen to redress Sebring problems as soon as possible, but of course these measures come at a cost. It is then said that these costs would be recouped from the discontinuation of Viper. Also the Viper is quite steeply priced at USD85,000 base. Rumours true or false?

We honestly don’t really know at this point in time, although our sources are often reliable. A more sensible case would be to “downgrade” the Viper brand so to speak, in this sense pull a Porsche by creating a smaller, more appealing sports car that will bring in the sales and revenue numbers for Dodge. Perhaps Cerberus bosses are already thinking this way, and maybe yes, by 2011 we could see a different type of snake coming out of Dodge floor rooms.

Have we lost this unique halo car? Thousands out there, including us at WCF, certainly hope not.

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