Apparently, the SUV can make the impossible possible.

Lamborghini wants the world to know that a “super sport utility vehicle is no longer impossible.” Why? Because Lamborghini made it possible, of course. That’s the crux of the new ad campaign the automaker has launched for its Urus SUV, which includes a nearly two-minute video comparing various technical and scientific achievements in the world to the monumental impossibility of making a sport utility vehicle go fast, which Lambo has done. What kind of achievements are we talking about here? You know, basic stuff like inventing the freaking internet, or discovering ways to detect planets around distant stars.


You probably didn’t realize the Urus was that important, did you? Sure, it has 650 horsepower and some menacing bodywork, and it’s also capable of throwing up large rooster tails of gravel, but neither is it the first high-performance people mover on the block. Porsche has been delivering on such a formula for years with its Cayenne Turbo S, which makes 570 hp in its current trim, carries five people (one more than the Urus), and is a very lively machine both on and off road.

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There’s also the BMW X6 M that nearly matches the Cayenne for power, the mighty Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S with it’s 577-hp biturbo V8, and of course we can’t forget the mental Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with it’s Urus-topping 707 hp. We already did some bench racing between the Trackhawk and Urus, because who doesn’t love the idea of a Jeep-versus-Lamborghini comparison where the Jeep actually stands a chance?

We’ll admit, we’re being a bit picky here towards Lamborghini. The Urus is a big deal, because it marks a very notable step for the exotic automaker, not to mention the exotic and performance genres in general. No matter how crazy the styling gets, or how insane the horsepower becomes, sport utility and crossover vehicles represent a move towards mainstream appeal that manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari have never really courted before. They aren’t built simply for the sake of performance which mean compromises have to be made, whether supercar automakers want to admit it or not.

The Lamborghini Urus isn’t the first “super sport utility vehicle,” but it is the latest. We’ll have to wait for our turn behind the wheel before we can decide if it truly lives up to the hype.

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