An awful lot of BMWs crashed at The Green Hell this year.

The Nürburgring – it’s an incredible place that draws automotive fanatics from around the world, tempting would-be racers with its endless corners and thrilling crests while winding through the lush German landscape. There’s no other track like it in the world, and now that it’s been immortalized in numerous video game franchises (to astounding detail we might add), millions of people have had the chance to at least get taste of just how amazing this monster course can be.

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Of course, the digital world is infinitely more forgiving than real life, as these unfortunate drivers discovered the hard way in this most-destroyed-of-2017 compilation video shot at the track. We have no idea what kind of injuries might be related to some of these crashes; we of course hope for the best in all cases, but the brutality seen in some of these cars is a stark punch-in-the-face over just how unforgiving this track can be. The BMW that opens the video and the Bimmer seen at the 3:50 mark are frightfully mangled, victims of The Green Hell and its tricky blind corners.

Nürburgring Wrecked Cars
Nürburgring Wrecked Cars

Built in 1927, the track we know today as the Nürburgring Nordschleife has gone through several changes and actually used to be a bit longer and considerably more dangerous. Most motorsports fans know of the terrible crash Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda had at the course in 1976 – that incident led to F1 pulling away from the 'Ring until the new GP section was built in the early 1980s. Additional safety changes to some corners have occurred on the Nordschliefe since then, but it’s still an extremely difficult course to tame, let alone master.

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Seeing these cars is a sobering reminder that auto racing in any form, on any track, is absolutely dangerous. No matter your skill level, stay safe out there friends. We want to see everyone back on the road for 2018.

 Source: EMS Nordschleife TV via YouTube

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