There is only one place on Earth where you can legally drive a car at speeds reaching 200 miles per hour on a public road. It’s the Autobahn in Germany, but those who have been there are aware that even that glorious highway has restrictions on some of the sections. YouTube’s AutoTopNL was there earlier this month with the BMW M760Li (M760i in the U.S.) and took the fullsize luxury sedan to the maximum to squeeze every last drop of performance from the V12 powerhouse.

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He was back for an encore with the 601-horsepower BMW rocket, but with a twist. Instead of driving it during the day, he decided to hop onto the rear seat and be chauffeured by someone else. The M760Li was once again put through its paces, and being fitted with the M Driver’s Package, it means the luxobarge was able to go beyond the electronically governed 155 mph (250 kph) of the standard model. Sorry, you can’t have it on the U.S.-spec version.

The man behind the steering wheel was eager to push the pedal to the metal right from the start, reaching 318 kph (197.5 mph) as per the car’s digital speedometer. The actual velocity was likely a bit lower taking into account the M760Li with the M Driver’s Package still has a top speed limiter configured to kick in at 305 kph (190 mph). Unless, BMW understates the vehicle’s performances, much like Audi Sport is doing.

Be it 190 mph or close to 200 mph, driving at these high speeds in the night certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted as something could go terribly wrong in the blink of an eye. There must have been a microphone installed next to the driver’s seat as we can here the engine’s soundtrack pretty good, as well as the surprisingly loud turn signals.

Anyway, it’s not every day that we get to see a luxury tank (weighs 2,326 kilograms / 5,128 pounds) doing somewhere in the region of 200 mph at night on a public road without having to worry about being pulled over for speeding.

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Photo by: Jake Holmes
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