Sometimes, ageing cars receive changes in order to keep selling until the next model arrives. This is pretty much what we could say about the Mégane. Renault announced yesterday it would simplify its versions, enriching all of them and offering more value for money. In fact, it has also anticipated which will be the versions the upcoming Mégane III will offer.

Instead of the current Authentique, Expression, Dynamique and Privilège, Mégane will have only three versions: Extrême, Impulsion and Exception. These names will likely be used for the rest of the Renault vehicles.

The Extrême will be the entry-level version, replacing the basic Mégane and the Authentique version. It has added 16-inch alloy wheels, foglamps, Audio Connection Box, steering wheel and gear lever knob covered in leather and the Papeete upholstery to the content of the Authentique. According to Renault, all these features cost € 1,050, but they will increase only € 100 to the price of the previous Authentique version. Since there is no free lunch, this new version smashes any remaining doubts about the imminent presentation of a third generation Mégane. With it, anyone that buys the car by now would feel discouraged to complain about the devaluation it will surely suffer when the new one arrives (what is expected to happen in this year’s edition of the Paris Motor Show, in October)

The intermediary Expression version’s place has been taken by Impulsion, which adds rear parking proximity sensors and the leather steering wheel and gear lever knob that are present in the Extrême version. No costs added. As for the Dynamique and Privilège versions, they have been replaced by the top-of-range Exception, which also received the rear parking proximity sensors, mixed leather-fabric upholstery and the option of 17-inch alloy wheels at no cost. The price has risen € 300. According to Renault, the extra items cost € 800.

Besides these changes, Mégane now also adopts packages of option items. Besides the existing Comfort and Sport packages, there are also the Safety, the Techno, the Premium and the Leather Pack, all said to increase savings up to 38%. Most of them should be offered in specific versions, since the standard version prices are the reference to the used car sale value. Optional equipment values tend to be diluted in this reference prices and only help to sell the car easier. Renault also mentioned aesthetical changes in the cars, such as chrome surround for the top air intakes grilles for all versions except the Sport and, for the Exception version, a chrome strip between the foglamps in the lower part of the front bumper. Anyway, no pictures of the new appearance have been provided... Dommage. Chrome also seems to indicate dying models, as the Fiat Stilo in Brazil has shown.

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