Christmas is only a week away, so naturally more and more automakers are getting into the proverbial holiday spirit. BMW is among them as the Bavarians have decided to dust off the unique M3 E30 pickup truck and make use of its loading bed to haul the Christmas tree in a funny ad posted on YouTube. Although The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson may disagree, it seems too much power can be a bad thing from time to time.

See the four special M models built by BMW over the years:

Dubbed “Too Powerful: Christmas Tree Tragedy,” the clip shows a mother and her daughter making the necessary last-minute Christmas preparations while the man of the house is on his way back with the tree. However, the members of the family waiting at home are in for a disappointment as the tree is not exactly in a good condition after being a victim of the fast-paced ride back home.

Enthusiastically driven, the tail-happy part convertible part pickup truck basically obliterated the helpless Christmas tree while putting a big smile on the driver’s face on his way back home. The utilitarian vehicle was able to provide such a fun ride mainly thanks to its engine sourced from an M3 E30, specifically a four-cylinder 2.3-liter unit with nearly 200 horsepower on tap.

Built in 1986, the unusual BMW M model started off in life as a 3 Series Convertible with a 2.0-liter engine rated at 192 hp before switching to the M3’s unit. It was used around the factory for no less than 26 years before being retired in 2012. Fast forward to present day, it has been brought back from retirement to celebrate Christmas and also to promote the firm’s new BMW-M website.

BMW aficionados know this wasn’t a one-time thing as the E92 M3 also received a pickup conversion in 2011. These two workhorses are part of a special M portfolio, which also includes the 1996 M3 Compact and the 2000 M3 Touring – all of which are pictured below.

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