Don't try this at home...

Christmas is coming and if you are still in a pre-holiday depression, here’s what you need to get rid of it. First, find a large and free parking lot somewhere in the suburbs and buy some old cars for scrappage. You’ll also need professional recording equipment and a ball. A huge ball. A Miley Cyrus big ball.

More instruction can be found at the attached 12-minute video above, where Gav and Dan from The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel are explaining how to properly demolish cars with a 4,082-kilogram (9,000-pound) wrecking ball. You know, one of those toys that destroy buildings.

More slow-mo fun:

The first victim is what appears to be an old Buick Park Avenue sedan, which is almost completely demolished after the wrecking ball hit. A Honda Element is next and there’s a catch - as you are probably aware, it has no door pillar. Interestingly, it suffers relatively less damage to the body structure and, due to its higher height and stronger roof, it just flips over.

BMW fans won’t be happy to see the third victim – a nice-looking 3 Series E46 facelift convertible. The guys lift up the four-ton wrecking ball, roughly the size and weight of a young female African elephant, to 115 ft (about 35 meters) and simply release it over the windshield of the cabrio with a speed of 60 miles per hour (98 kilometers per hour).

It’s actually surprising to see old cars like the aforementioned not completely falling to pieces after a massive hit with such a big wrecking ball. After all, its work is to destroy houses and it’s quite good at doing it.

There’s a small surprise at the end of the video and we won’t spoil it for you. Enjoy!

Source: The Slow Mo Guys on YouTube

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