There are so many sweet rides to choose from.

Donut Media’s latest video counts down the 10 best supercars from the 2000s, and though we won’t give away the top spot, you can probably guess what it is. What you can’t guess, however, are the cars that appear on the rest of the list. There aren’t any major surprises, though as with any such compilation, there’s certainly room for interpretation. Don’t worry, we won’t give away all the answers to Donut Media’s countdown, but indulge us as we do a little interpreting of our own.

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We’re stoked to see the Saleen S7 make the cut, if just barely at number 10. It’s often overlooked on such lists, but the S7 had a heck of a run on the racing circuit, and the ultimate evolution of the street car could hit 60 mph in just a few clicks over three seconds. Had Saleen not been mired in controversy with financial woes through much of the decade, it could’ve had an even bigger impact on the supercar scene.

We’re also happy to see Koenigsegg’s freshman effort – the sizzling fast CCX – make the cut. So many new niche automakers burn fiercely bright with a single effort then fade away, but the CCX rocked the supercar boat so hard that the company had no choice but to succeed.

On the flip side of that is the Gumpert Apollo S – a car which did burn bright before fading away. It was certainly an impressive machine, but if we're talking about the greatest supercars of the decade, we’d exchange this choice for the mind-blowing Pagani Zonda. Yes, Pagani didn’t make this list, but don’t blame Donut Media – the Zonda debuted in 1999, which technically makes it a child of the 1990s. We tend to see more shades of gray however, and let's be honest – the Zonda became a proper hypercar legend during the 2000s.

Lamborghini Gallardo Keyed Art
Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo

We’d also ditch the 2007 Ruf CTR3, which did make the list and is certainly an incredible supercar in its own right. But with room for only 10 cars, we’d instead honor the Lamborghini Gallardo – a machine so good in so many ways that it almost elevated Lamborghini to the world of mainstream motoring. Note we said almost there, but even with a sensible infusion from Audi it was still mental enough to warrant its Lambo badge.

As for the rest of the cars, we’ll leave that interpretation up to you.

Source: Donut Media


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