You may remember Norway’s Bjørn Nyland from his recent video showing his Tesla Model X P90DL’s ability to accelerate quicker while towing a 2000 Audi TT than the convertible could go with its combustion engine. He’s now back with two more stunts for Optimus Prime, the nickname for his Model X. The challenges weren’t an unequivocal success, though.

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In the first test, Nyland hooks up his Model X to a Toyota Land Cruiser for a tug of war. The Toyota doesn’t stand a chance. When the drivers start pulling, the Tesla immediately hauls away the Land Cruiser without much effort. In fact, the Japanese SUV stalls and has some difficulty restarting after the challenge.

The details at the end of the video indicate that the Tesla enters this test with a distinct advantage. Not only is it more powerful, but the Model X is also riding on a set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 studded snow tires. Conversely, the Land Cruiser has “some studdless tires,” according to the text. Optimus Prime’s major traction superiority makes this less of a fair fight.

In the second video (see above), Nyland increases the challenge by taking the Model X onto some snow-covered, off-road trails, and the results are mixed. Early on, Nyland rips off part of Optimus Prime’s fender when the SUV crashes through ice and into deep mud underneath. He’s able to get the Model X out – at least the first time. A second attempt to clear the mud hole gets the Tesla stuck and requires the call to a buddy with a Jeep Wrangler to pull Nyland’s SUV out of the muck.

After washing off the dirty Model X, Nyland and his buddy head back onto the trail. Having the Jeep picking the route ahead makes things a lot easier for Optimus Prime. After his Wrangler-driving friend leaves, Nyland nearly gets the Model X stuck for a second time, though.

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Source: Bjørn Nyland via YouTube, 2

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