It has a VW-ish key fob, a moderately functional trunk, and seats that aren’t straight.

The Lamborghini Reventón is a mental hypercar that everyone has heard of and seen, but it’s not a machine often glimpsed up close. That’s because it’s extraordinarily rare; only 21 were been built and sightings are usually limited to occasional appearances at special car events. Enter California-based YouTuber and car fan Salomondrin, who has a penchant for hypercars and specifically, for Lambos. It’s not entirely clear if this Reventón is his, but he has full access and a camera, so we’re happy to go along for the ride.

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Of course, we know the Reventón is pretty much a Murciélago underneath a fresh body, and most people know that Lamborghini wanted this limited-production model to feel like a fighter jet. Salomondrin brings that to life with the Lambo’s digital instrument cluster that features angular quadrants for speed, engine RPM, and vital mechanical information. He also makes mention of the weird way the driver seat is actually angled ever-so-slightly towards the center of the car – a design quirk that apparently was due to the placement of transmission. We don’t know if that’s true, but if it wins us praise at our next car trivia night, we’ll take it.

Lamborghini Reventón
Lamborghini Reventón

A few surprising bits from this video? The key fob and stereo aren’t so far removed from what you’d find in a production-spec Volkswagen – something that might be upsetting to owners who paid $2,000,000 for the car. Then again, we suspect having a 650-horsepower V12 with a 9,000 RPM redline and a top speed over 200 mph would make one forget about such details.

Most of the video is dedicated to the Reventón’s interior and features, with a relatively brief section at the end reserved for some commentary while driving. Given the rarity of this ride, the real joy for us comes in just reveling at the car’s inner workings and jet-inspired design. For that reason alone, we definitely give this clip a thumbs-up for the daily-distraction-at-work category.

Source:  Salomondrin via YouTube

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