It’s thought to be one of just ten cars built, but it could be one of only three.

These days, mention the Ford GT and the world thinks of a biturbo V6 supercar with wonky aerodynamics. Despite the GT's unbelievable performance, there are still some who are supremely butthurt over the car not having a proper thumping American V8 engine.To those still pining for the old days, this article is for you.

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What we have here is video taken earlier this year of the previous-generation Ford GT and its angry 5.4-liter supercharged V8, cruising around Monaco with a smattering of other exotic supercars. This isn’t a normal Ford GT, however – it’s a rare tuner version called the 720 Mirage, built by Avro Motor Cars way back in 2008. As the name might suggest, this amped-up Ford boasts 720 horsepower thanks to a bigger supercharger and a host of other performance upgrades. It also graces the road with a tweaked suspension and braking system, not to mention the eyeball-searing coat of orange paint.

Gallery: Avro Mirage 720 Ford GT

Those changes by themselves make this a special car, but the Avro 720 Mirage is also exceedingly rare. A total production run of just 10 cars was planned, but here’s where things get a bit murky because there isn’t much info on these cars after that initial 2008 announcement. A special plaque inside each car identifies the specific production number out of 10, but an older thread over at says that only three of these cars were ultimately completed. Apparently, finding new Ford GTs to convert in 2008 – three years after production stopped – was a bit difficult.

Whether there’s only three or ten, it doesn’t really matter. The odds of ever seeing one alive and kicking in the real world are extraordinarily slim. And while we do love the new Ford GT with its turbos and aerodynamic wizardry, we’ll admit to missing that raucous roar of the original car’s V8.

Source: Automotive Mike via YouTube, Ford GT Forum

Gallery: Avro's 720 Mirage Ford GT

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