It's not every day you see a classic 911 rebuilt to go off-road.

Remember being a kid and playing in the dirt? How about riding your bike through every puddle you came across? Why, then, do so many of us grow up and choose to actively avoid getting our cars dirty? That’s one of the reasons why this Porsche 911 video from Donut Media is so satisfying. Not only do we get to see a classic air-cooled 911 being rebuilt, we also are privy to its rechristening in the dirt as a proper rally car.

Catch an early glimpse of the next 911:

Those familiar with the air-cooled Porsche scene may recognize this car. Known as Luftauto 002, it was built at Emotion Engineering in Newport Beach, California and debuted earlier this year at Luftgekühlt 4 – a massive celebration of all things Porsche that don’t require a radiator. It’s a 1987 911 that pays homage to Porsche’s history in racing, and notably rally as evidenced by the skid plates, off-road lamps, front push bar, and safari roof rack. In short, it looks awesome. But the build was more than just an appearance package.

LuftAuto Porsche 911 rally car
LuftAuto Porsche 911 rally car
LuftAuto Porsche 911 rally car

It rides on a proper competition-spec suspension setup, with reinforced chassis bits and of course a full roll cage inside. The result is ride height you wouldn’t normally expect to see on a 911, but with the aggressive gravel tires installed everything looks just right. The engine is a massaged 3.2-liter flat six that’s described as “a little angry,” and while horsepower isn’t revealed, seeing it throw massive rooster tails while dispensing opposite-lock fun on a gravel stage suggests it has more than enough to be terrifying and terrific.

That means this build doesn’t just look the part, but also plays the part. According to the video, the goal all along was to create a legitimate rally car, and to that end we can only say well done.

Source: Donut Media

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