There is a small amount of shenanigans going on with this test.

All-wheel-drive systems are not created equal, and for good reason. The performance-oriented, rear-biased setup of a Ford Focus RS wouldn't be the right fit for a family hauler like a Subaru Outback. For a new marketing demonstration,  Buick has set up a test showing that the twin-clutch AWD system in the new Regal is better than Audi's venerable Quattro in an A5 SportbackTFLnow was there to record the challenge. 

The Latest Scoop On The Regal:

The test puts three rollers underneath each vehicle, which leaves just one wheel with actual traction on the ground. As an evaluation set up by an automaker, it shouldn't be a big surprise that the  Buick easily wins the challenge. The Audi simply spins the tires, but the Regal is able to accelerate away. 

If you're wondering why the Regal has such an easy time, then the answer appears to be down to how the automakers package their all-wheel-drive equipment. For example, the Buick refers to its system as Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, and it can route torque to either rear wheel depending on where traction is. In this test, the result is that as long as one back wheel can get power down, then the driver can motor away.

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While this A5 Sportback has Quattro, Audi's standard equipment doesn't include the more sophisticated all-wheel-drive tech at the rear axle like the Regal. To get it, a person would need to upgrade to the S5 Sportback and specify the $2,500 S Sport Package. The option includes red brake calipers, adaptive damping, and most importantly the Sport Rear Differential. As Audi describes this system as "actively splitting torque between the wheels of the rear axle, with the ability to direct nearly all torque to one wheel, helping to maximize driving dynamics."

With this information in mind, you can now better understand what Buick is doing with this test. In stock form, the Regal has a more sophisticated all-wheel-drive system. However by spending some extra money, a person can get similar abilities from an Audi, too.

Source: TFLnow via YouTube

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