Yes, it's every bit as bad as you think it is.

We all know what time of year it is. That means cheeky car-versus-Santa’s sleigh comparisons are inevitable and General Motors – or more specifically GM’s Parts Center – has jumped on the bandwagon with an infographic telling us how the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE matches up to the aforementioned sleigh. Now, we aren’t keen to be holiday downers, but take a look at this and try not to groan. Click the photo to get a closer look, or you can see it on the GM Parts Center blog.

Chevy Camaro Versus Santa's Sleigh

We’ll gloss over the obvious numerical error citing the mighty Camaro’s horsepower at just 275, unless the powers-that-be decided to swap out the ZL1's 6.2-liter, 650-horsepower mill for an old-school LT1 350 V8, circa 1993. Or perhaps the GM Parts Center wanted to give Santa a sporting chance against the monstrous ‘Maro around the Nürburgring, though with the sleigh’s 0-60 time listed as “1/32 of a millisecond” we’re pretty sure Santa can easily handle the Green Hell with enough spare time to deliver new tires to teams at the track.

That said, the sleigh’s estimated curb weight of 65,000 tons based on “Santa’s belly and all those gifts” is most decidedly groan worthy, not to mention the fuel economy of “1-2 cookies per house.” And we’re not sure if the fine-print disclaimer at the bottom is supposed to be taken seriously or not. We really hope it’s not, but given what we know about lawyers and liability in the automotive realm, something that says “A good faith attempt was made to verify every detail of this infographic” sounds like legitimate legalese to us.

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Instead of carrying on with the silliness, let’s just quickly recap the Camaro because its details can be verified, and while the base model does offer 275 hp, the ZL1 delivers a verified 650. In fact, in 1LE trim with aero bits engaged, the ZL1 can lap the Nürburgring in 7:16, which puts the Camaro in rare performance territory with the likes of the Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, and the Ferrari 488 to name a few. That's awesome.

As for Santa and his sleigh, it's also awesome. But it’s not a car, so let’s just leave it for the amazingly magical machine it is and move on.

Source: GM Parts Center

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