It looks like The Grand Tour is in full advertising mode. Amazon’s motoring show has posted up a teaser trailer for the second episode, which looks to be a classic Top Gear-style race pitting Clarkson in a car versus Hammond and May in an airplane. The starting point is New York City, the destination is Niagara Falls, and the car is a brand new Ford GT – presumably, one that doesn’t keep resetting the alarm like Jezza’s 2005 GT did back in the day.

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There’s also the continuity thing that was mentioned in the previous episode, which featured Hammond’s infamous crash in the Rimac. It was said that episode was first because it would explain why the Hampster was on crutches later in the series. It would appear that – at least for the second episode – his handicap isn’t just explained, but plays a modest role in the action.

For the record, a quick Google check says a flight from the Big Apple to Niagara Falls, Ontario is just under an hour and a half, while the most direct route by car would take almost seven hours. Obviously, as with all the classic Top Gear car-versus-airplane races, there will be plenty of fluff with Hammond and May to help give Clarkson and the car a chance at actually winning. Still, this is New York City, so one can add another couple hours to the air travel just for necessary time at the airport. By the same token, Clarkson will have delays in New York traffic. So yeah, it’s a very familiar formula. At least this time we get to see May pushing Hammond in a wheelchair.

The Grand Tour Episode 2 Teaser
The Grand Tour Episode 2 Teaser

It also seems Clarkson will have a road test segment in a very green Mercedes-AMG GT, which could mean we’ll get to see The Grand Tour’s new test driver – if they decided to hire one. Mike Skinner's The American did not go over well with fans, nor apparently with Skinner who tweeted that the brash character wasn't developed like he had expected.

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