All the other Koenigseggs at the gathering may as well be invisible.

What could be better than seeing a Koenigsegg? Seeing a bunch of Koenigseggs, though we’ll admit that the Regera with its awesome aero package manages to stand out even when surrounded by an abundance of hypercars. The video was shot during Monterey Car Week back in August, which is where the niche supercar manufacturer debuted the Regera Aero Package. We had a good look at the car back then, but do we really need an excuse to check out this new footage?

The red finish with contrasting bare carbon fiber is already enough to make the Regera one of the best looking cars of all time. The aero package adds little winglets up front and in the back, but it’s the deep front spoiler that gives the car its devilish, menacing appearance. It’s not just for looks, however – Koenigsegg says the tweaks give the Regera a maximum downforce of 849 pounds, up from 683 on the standard car.


As good as the Regera looks – and as fast as it is with its 1,500-horsepower hybrid powertrain – it was the Agera RS that went on to claim the record as the fastest production car in the world just a little over a month ago, clocking an average speed of 277.9 mph in the Nevada desert. That’s not to say the slightly larger and more luxurious Regera is a slouch. It will still reach 60 mph in roughly 2.5 seconds and continue pulling to an electronically limited top speed of 255 mph.

Ordinarily, we’d speak out about such cars being relegated to garages and collections where they never see the light of day, never mind the road. Make no mistake – we’d still have a grand time behind the wheel of the Regera. But this time around, we'd also be completely happy to just look at this beautiful machine all day long.

Source: carspotter Jeron via YouTube

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