Mercedes-Benz has development underway on a major overhaul of its front-wheel drive lineup of compact models. New spy photos provide a fresh look at the work's progress on the next-gen B-Class.

This B-Class wears extensive camouflage, but the design suggests Mercedes giving it a pointier nose and more steeply raked windshield. The changes give the hatchback a more stylish appearance. However, the model retains the existing large greenhouse, which should mean plenty of room for packing people inside.

Officially revealed:

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An earlier picture captured the B-Class with nearly no disguise and provided an even clearer look at the new design in profile (see gallery above). Mercedes updates the vehicle with a more rounded hood and uses elongated ovals for the headlights.

Inside, there are fewer clear details about the B-Class. However, the automotive world should get a better idea about the cabin in a few weeks because Mercedes has a concept cabin for future compact cars for CES on January 9. The firm calls it the Mercedes-Benz User Experience and promises the tech to include an intuitive operating system thanks to the assistance of artificial intelligence.

The latest evolution of Mercedes' MFA compact car chassis will underpin a wide array of new and updated vehicles. The next generations of the A-, CLA-, B-, and GLA-Class will use it. Plus, the company will reportedly add an A-Class Sedan and GLB-Class crossover to the lineup.

The future of the B-Class Electric Drive appears less certain, though. Mercedes is axing EV, and the automaker doesn't have a direct replacement in place. Instead, the company's forthcoming dedicated electric models under the EQ sub-brand would likely take over this role.

Source: Carpix

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