Unlike the models before it, the new BMW M5 has an all-wheel drive layout with selectable pure RWD mode.

BMW has dropped a cornucopia of videos with the latest and greatest M5 allowing us to take a good look at how the new model has evolved for its latest generation. Speaking of which, the F90 is being joined at the Estoril track in Portugal by its predecessors standing at the starting grid, with the newest MotoGP safety car leading the pack.


It’s nice to see this M5 family portrait that started off with its first member back in February 1984 when the original E28 was unveiled to the public. As the years went by, many things changed, but all the models that came after it continued to boast a rear-wheel-drive arrangement. For the new M5, BMW has decided to do things differently by implementing an xDrive setup, a first for a non-SUV M car.

Purists mustn’t worry at all as they will still be able to shred the rear tires in a drift session by turning on the two-wheel-drive mode, as evidenced in one of the promo videos attached below depicting a tail-happy M5. The versatile xDrive layout might not be the only novelty BMW has in tow for the F90 model as rumor has it a hybrid derivative is in the works, though we’ll believe it when we’ll see it.

Meanwhile, it’s a known fact a Competition Package will be added in 2018 when BMW will dial the M level up a notch. Expect a power bump over the already very generous 600 horsepower coming from the biturbo 4.4-liter V8 engine, along with chassis and suspension upgrades in the same vein as the Competition Pack for the M3 and M4.

It makes sense that BMW wants to offer the CP as soon as possible considering that in some markets, 80 percent of M3 and M4 customers decided to pay extra for the upgrade kit. This interesting statistic was disclosed by BMW M boss, Frank Van Meel, while speaking recently with Road & Track. With the newly gained goodies, the M5 will be able to take on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S.

Videos: BMW

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