Not a big fan of the color? Another clip shows off a Misano Red example.

After getting acquainted with the new RS4 Avant in its retro-inspired Nogaro Blue paint at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the hot wagon then traveled to the Audi Forum Ingolstadt to show off its Misano Red shade. Fast forward to present day, the company with the four-ring logo has dropped a promotional video with its performance family hauler wearing an equally eye-catching shade. Called “Sonoma Green,” you might have seen it already on the RS5 Coupe, which was wearing the striking paint on the car we had the privilege of reviewing back in June.


Gallery: Audi RS4 Avant Sonoma Green

The new footage released with the RS4 Avant shows the Audi Sport model doing its thing in Málaga, Spain and looking good in the process. It might not sound as good as its naturally aspirated V8 predecessor, but the turbocharged V6 engine still manages to deliver an alluring soundtrack. Combined with the practicality of a wagon and loads of space for the passengers, it’s understandable why some are seeing the RS4 Avant as the car that can do it all. One could say the same thing about its archrival from Mercedes-AMG, the C63 / C63 S T-Modell.

Should the Sonoma Green be a little bit too much, the aforementioned Misano Red might suit your style. Audi was kind enough to release a similar video with the RS4 Avant wearing this type of paint, which costs the same: €890 in Germany. Of course, if none of the standard shades are to your liking, there’s always the Individual program, but that will cost you as a fancy color is going to set you back a cool €2,400.

The RS5 Coupe and RS4 Avant might be joined as early as next year by the first-ever RS5 Sportback. Already there are some spy shots indicating it will happen, and if it will, the model will certainly be offered with virtually the same color palette.

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