One person is dead, one person is in critical condition, and eight others are injured after an ex-Mazda employee plowed his car into a group of people in a fit of rage. The story inside.

A former Mazda employee allegedly killed one and injured ten after crashing his car into a group of people at a Mazda factory yesterday, according to the Associated Press.  The 42-year-old suspect, Toshiaki Hikiji, fled the scene, but was arrested an hour after the crime.

39-year-old Hiroshi Hamada was pronounced dead at the scene.  Another male employee is still in critical condition.  The crash took place at the Mazda-owned Ujina plant near the Hiroshima port in southwestern Japan.

"I pray for the spirit of the man who was killed, and pray for the recovery of the ten who were injured," said Mazda President Takashi Yamanouchi in a statement.

Mazda said that Hikiji quit the firm for personal reasons, though media in Japan report that Hikiji was fired from the automaker in April after working at the Ujina location for eight days, according to the wire service.  Reporters in Japan also said Hikiji brought a knife with him, and intended to kill people at the plant.

The new incident sent chills down the spines of many in Tokyo, just two years after an angry Toyota worker crashed his truck into a crowd in a busy Tokyo neighborhood before repeatedly stabbing bystanders.

7,000 people work at Mazda's Ujina facility, which resumed normal operations after the incident.  The plant is responsible for the Mazda2, also known as the Mazda Demio, and the Mazda MX-5/Miata roadster.

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