The high-strength material will make the trucks lighter and more efficient.

As more truck companies opt for aluminum in their vehicles instead of heavy steel, some manufacturers could instead be looking to supercars and sports cars for inspiration on how to reduce weight. The next-generation Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra could ditch metal entirely for complete carbon fiber beds.


According to a new report from Automotive News, Chevy may adopt the lightweight material for use in its next-generation of trucks to help reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency. It would be one of the largest uses of the lightweight material in the industry if the production strategy moves forward as planned.

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So far GM has yet to confirm that reports, but two sources familiar with the company say that the high-strength material will make its way to the new full-size trucks. When it does, likely in the next two years, it will be offered exclusively as an option on range-topping models like the Sierra Denali or Silverado High Country, before trickling down into the rest of the lineup later in life.

GM declined to comment on the materials for the next-gen pickups when speaking with Automotive News. But a spokesperson did say that the company would be using "the right materials in the right place," to both reduce weight and improve efficiency "without any sacrifice of safety, ride dynamics, or utility."

Already we know that the upcoming new Silverado and Sierra will make their debuts without the use of carbon fiber. The two trucks will use aluminum extensively in their chassis. The two trucks will be manufactured in Michigan following a $1 billion investment. We hope to see them both at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Source: Automotive News

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