TV movie that brings the artificial intelligence car back is scheduled for February 17,2008

Yesterday NBC broadcasted a 30-second spot that stated something most of the old TV series fans already knew: the date in which the movie “Knight Rider” will be exhibited. Anyway, reminders are always handy: it will be on February 17, 2008, also known as next Sunday, after the American Gladiators finale, at 9pm ET.

Besides reinforcing the date, the commercial has also teased anyone that likes cars to see how Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR will play the role of KITT (short for Knight Industries Three Thousand), previously performed by a Pontiac Trans-Am. The new car abilities are expected to be higher than the previous model, which could cruise at speeds over 480 km/h.

A new TV series based on the car is in the plans, but it will depend upon the audience’s reaction to the TV movie, which will count on Val Kilmer to play KITT’s voice. Will Arnett, the actor who has given the car its first voice, was asked to withdraw from the project by General Motors because he has also been the voice for GMC Trucks in the last ten years.

In the new movie, Sarah Graiman, played by Deanna Russo, finds out that her father, Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison), the creator of KITT, is missing. Then she looks for the help of an ex-boyfriend, Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening), in order to help her discover where her father is. There is also someone trying to steal KITT, probably the same person that has kidnapped Charles Graiman. David Hasselhoff, the actor that played Michael Knight, will also be on the new movie. Now we won’t need to wait long to find out all the details.