Check out the video of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton flopping their way through a F1 build. The story inside.

In a 2m 40s promo, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button get ditched by their engineering team and are forced to put together a Formula 1 car on their own.  The video has a few genuinely funny moments, though lines like "What's that?" "What's that for?" and "Where does this one go?" are used over and over again.

Naturally, a mistake is made and Button has to use a mobile phone to call the team and solve a problem.  This leads to the eventual tagline, "Jenson and Lewis depend on their team, their team depends on our network."

Of course, the two refuse to take out their car that "works."  Button jokes at the end, "That's what test drivers are for, isn't it?" Poor, Gary Paffet.