The key to happiness? Turning off the electronic stability control in a RWD car to drift on an almost empty circuit.

Reborn Alpine has been making the headlines in the past few days with its brand new A110, and after seeing the mid-engined coupe in an extended gallery (attached at the end), the Cayman and 4C rival is back for some track action. Our friends at L’argus have brought to our attention an onboard video they shot recently at the Circuit Du Grand Sambuc in France with the tail-happy sports car not shy to shake its derrière.

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With the electronic stability control turned off and the circuit partially wet, the A110 proved to be a truly fun car to trash around an (almost) empty track and abuse those Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires in the process.

We can also hear the sweet soundtrack provided by the turbocharged 1.8-liter engine shared with the new Renault Megane RS. Alpine’s first production car since the company’s resurrection manages to reach 124 mph (200 kph) with ease as demonstrated in the video below and the official specs sheet says it will max out at a respectable 156 mph (251 kph).

As you are probably aware by now, the A110 is one of the lightest new cars money can buy (if we exclude city cars), tipping the scales at just 2,380 pounds (1,080 kilograms) in its standard configuration. That puts it in the same league with the featherweight Mazda MX-5 Miata (2,332 lbs for the U.S.-spec manual version) while being lighter than the 4C (2,465 lbs).

There’s a juicy report indicating Alpine will shave off some of the fat to lower the car’s weight by a further 110 lbs (50 kg) for a hotter A110 Sport variant. At the same time, the engine’s output will allegedly be lifted from the current 252 hp to a nice round figure: 300 hp, which would match the Megane RS Trophy due late 2018. Add into the mix a quicker gearbox and a tweaked suspension to make it more agile while going through the corners, the A110 Sport is shaping up to be a car worth waiting for.

Gallery: 2018 Alpine A110 production model

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