Porsche has long been regarded by many as the top automaker when it comes to building everyday supercars. We’re speaking of course about the much-loved 911, but times are changing. Sport utility vehicles aren’t exactly new to the scene, but with many manufacturers now offering some kind of high-performance SUV – not to mention Lamborghini’s mental step into the genre with its recently announced Urus – these are becoming more than just plebian forms of all-terrain transport for people and goods.


Perhaps that’s why Porsche has seen fit to release a brief video featuring the Cayenne, reminding people of just how practical it is. In just under two and a half minutes, the clip shows us a top-down view of a Cayenne with four doors that open, back seats that fold, rear cargo space of approximately 60 cubic feet, and an infotainment stack where, among other things, you can adjust the Cayenne’s ride height and choose various driving modes. Truth be told, there’s quite a bit more to the video, but demonstrating 18-way adjustable seats with heating and ventilation, or talking about the various ways the Cayenne will remember specific settings isn’t really that practical, is it?

2019 Porsche Cayenne: First Drive
2019 Porsche Cayenne: First Drive

The final 45 seconds of the video shows a computer-generated – or at least, what looks like a computer-generated – Cayenne driving over various terrain, from flat roads to a sea of rocks. So yeah, it’s an SUV with space and off-road capability, though we suspect very few Cayenne owners embark on such endeavors. Do we really need a video telling us this?

We’re being a bit harsh on Porsche here. The current Cayenne is, in fact, a spectacular machine that is indeed practical and fast as all get-out, especially with the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 and its 550 on-tap horses. We find it extremely interesting, however, that nowhere in this video is horsepower, or performance, or handling, or any of the things one would normally associate with the Porsche Cayenne mentioned. Not once.

If we had to guess (and we do), we’d say this otherwise unremarkable video actually sends a very specific and timely message. As the world gets ever closer to crazy-powerful SUVs on every street corner, inevitably the practicality aspect that brought this segment to life will be compromised. Porsche, it seems, wants the world to know that practicality is still a focal point of the Cayenne’s mission.

Or, it could simply be that Porsche’s video department still had some budget to burn through before the end of the year and was sick of the Panamera.

Source: Porsche via YouTube

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