How do you define car tuning? Is it something you do to the engine only? Or is just a visual modification of the exterior and/or the interior? Well, that’s actually the magic of tuning – everyone sees it in his own way and, as long as he is happy with the result, no one should argue whether it’s cool or not. As they say, tuned cars are built for the pleasure of owning and driving.

The palette of tuning philosophies around the world is almost as rich as the variety of brands and models we have on the market today. A new quite entertaining 12-minute video from Red Bull shines more light on the tuning culture in Japan – maybe you think you know what’s happening in the automotive underground there, but, trust us, there's more to it than meets the eye.

More Liberty Walk Craziness:

The documentary highlights New Zealand drifting star Mad Mike's trip to Japan, where he discovers the local tuning and supercar culture in depth. During his stay in the Land of the Rising Sun, he meets Wataru Kato, the founder and ideologist behind the famous tuning company Liberty Walk.

Kato briefly explains that he prefers to set the trends rather than follow them, but it’s not something he does on purpose. We’d agree with the tuning master, as Liberty Walk is arguably one of the most recognizable tuning companies in the world with its own style and extraordinary supercar modifications.

Liberty Walk Ford Mustang
Liberty Walk Daihatsu Copen
Honda NSX Liberty Walk

Mad Mike also meets Hisashi Ushida from Cholo’s Custom, which is specialized in building lowriders based on 1970s vehicles imported from the United States. As he explains, the company has also started modifying even older cars recently.

Of course, we won’t spoil the video for you with more details, so sit back comfortably and enjoy every minute of it.

Source: Red Bull on YouTube

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