If you’re a diesel SUV fan in America and not completely turned away by Volkswagen’s massive scandal, the automaker will cut you some fantastic deals on a new Touareg TDI going all the way back to the 2014 model year. Yes, it’s hard to believe there are new 2014 models available, but when the Dieselgate scandal first broke in 2015, affected vehicles still on dealership lots were officially off the market. Now that a fix is finally approved for the larger 3.0-liter diesel engines, recently mended Touaregs that didn’t go back to Volkswagen are back in showrooms, and as you might expect, the automaker is very keen to give them new homes.

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According to Cars Direct, VW will give buyers a 25 percent discount to purchase a new 2014 model. Given a starting price of around $51,000 for a 2014 Touareg TDI Sport, a 25 percent discount would knock about $12,500 off the purchase price, which is a pretty great deal by any definition. The trick will be finding one, as apparently 2014 models are few and far between.

If your search turns up nothing, or if you simply don’t want a new car that’s already three years old, there are deals for newer models as well. Volkswagen will pony up a 20 percent discount for 2015 models, and 15 percent for 2016 model-year diesels. Not as lucrative for sure, but with all that’s happened in the last few years, we suspect dealerships with repaired diesels will be very eager to move them off the lot.

Audi Q7 2014

And because Audi is under the Volkswagen umbrella, similar deals are available for diesel-powered Q7 SUVs. All 2015 model-year units will get a 20 percent discount, same as the Touareg, only Audi will also throw in some good financing rates as well. For a new Q7 with a $53,400 base price, the discount would equate to roughly $11,000.

The big question is, will these incentives be enough to move what many people believe are tainted cars? 38,000 vehicles will be rendered saleable by the fix, which is quite an inventory to say the least. The EPA has said the update will not affect durability or reliability, but there’s been no mention on potential changes to performance or fuel economy.

Source: Cars Direct

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