Lotus is growing its model portfolio quite nicely of late. Following the Evora and some special editions, the British brand will unveil something completely new in Paris this September.

A hundred days from now Lotus is poised to unveil an all-new car for the enthusiast. A teaser press release with a sunset picture of Stonehenge was sent out from Lotus HQ with the opening line "So you think you've seen all there is to see? Think again."

The annual Summer Solstice (celebrating the longest day of the year) took place at Stonehenge today and Lotus somehow links this historic ruin to its upcoming model. Only Lotus knows how all this ties up and hopefully so will all of us come the 2010 Paris International Motor Show in early October.

There are several strong possibilities being bandied about. The first refers to an all-new Esprit powered by either a BMW V8 or a Toyota V6. The second points to new Elise/Exige models. The third is quite interesting. It refers to the Lotus Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA) engineering platform on which the company says any vehicle type can be built.  Originally Intended to be sold as a niche solution for small automakers, Lotus could develop their own VVA as a showcase. Lastly, an Evora convertible is certainly on the table as well.

Whatever it is, we are likely to see it come to life some time in late 2011 or early 2012.

Note: medley of different Lotus spy shots and renderings pictured.

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