BMW has been caught again with its forthcoming 8 Series, this time sporting a fresh camouflage wrap that isn’t quite as bewildering as the standard white-on-black swirl. There also appears to be a bit less covering around the headlights, and we see some changes on the lower fascia as compared to the last round of spy photos and video. We also see what could be an M Sport model loaded on a car hauler – it’s wearing a set of snazzy wheels with massive brake rotors clearly visible behind them, along with what appears to be a very slight spoiler lip on the backside. We stop short of calling this an M8 because of the single exhaust outlets – previously we’ve seen dual tips on cars we suspect as being M8 test mules.


2019 BMW 8 Series Spy Photo
2019 BMW 8 Series M Sport Spy Photo

Does all this mean BMW is getting closer to an 8 Series reveal? Probably not; if anything it seems BMW may still be working out the kinks and fine-tuning some of the design details for the production model. The automaker has trademarked numerous nameplates relating to the 8 Series – including M8 – and we know a convertible version will join the big coupe. There’s also the possibility of a four-door Gran Coupe version of what will ultimately become BMW’s flagship model.

We’ve heard nothing new on equipment or engines, so previous rumors still apply. That means the new 8 Series will likely have a full-on digital glass cockpit with the latest driving assists and autonomous functions. Power will almost certainly include a V8 with forced induction – the 600-horsepower 4.4 biturbo mill from the M5 being a likely candidate – but hybrid models and a 6.6-liter V12 to pay homage to the original 8 Series are certainly not out of the question.

The new 8 Series should be revealed sometime in the first quarter of 2018, with other variants such as hybrid or M models coming for 2019.

Source: Automedia

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