The Grand Tour is making a big deal about James May being the only presenter of Amazon’s delayed motoring show to not have a recent stint in the hospital. And why not? It’s perfect fodder to help build excitement for the second season debut, which is now just a few days away. That also means there’s technically still time for some calamity to befall May, but we don’t want to jinx the show’s premiere so let’s just pretend like nothing of the sort was ever said.

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Actually, May appears to live quite the charmed life if this teaser video is to be believed. And of course you should believe it, because every person stuck inside a Fiat Panda when a huge steel trash bin flattens it would simply yell “ow.” Before that incident, May was nearly hit by a train, swallowed by an open sewer grate, poisoned by a glass of paint stripper, electrocuted, blown up, and toppled not once but twice by mysterious falling debris.

Actually, knowing what we know about the former Top Gear trio, we were a bit more interested in trying to uncover some possible easter eggs or funny messages in the video. Did anyone else notice what appears to be a Stig helmet in the motorcycle workshop? Or the fact that May is wearing a coat very similar to the one used in the infamous Top Gear Polar Special? And when the passerby yells out to May, he calls him “Captain Hamster.” Could it be that the Top Gear nicknames for both him and Richard Hammond are off-limits per the BBC? Could we be reading way too much into this short, cheeky preview video?

The Grand Tour James May Teaser
The Grand Tour James May Teaser

Possibly, but in case you’re curious, the number plate for that Fiat does come back to the same 2008 Panda in the video, which according to Cazana is thought to currently valued at £1,456. Though if we’re honest, that number seems a bit, well, flat.

Source: The Grand Tour via YouTube


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