Movie cars have a curious way of captivating audiences, for better or worse. In some cases like Smokey and the Bandit, cars seem to transcend their mechanical nature to become bona-fide characters that people care about. Movies have many machines that play pivotal roles, but for some reason, it’s the cars that grab our hearts. That’s why these days, an original black 1977 Pontiac Trans AM SE in is now worth as much as a small house.

Other funny cars:

But we’re getting a bit too deep for this particular list of movie cars, which stems from Donut Media and counts down the ten most hilarious autos to grace the screen. And we really need to give these guys some credit for going far and wide into the vaults of cinema history, because we suspect there will be at least a few cars on this list you absolutely don’t recognize.

Funniest Movie Cars
Funniest Movie Cars

Case-in-point, the deskmobile that kicks off the list, from a comedic flic called The Nude Bomb in 1980. If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the late 1960’s television show Get Smart is more familiar? The film was a revisit of the James Bond spoof, hence the driving desk that also has machine guns. And how about the Landmaster from the made-for-tv flic Damnation Alley? That movie wasn’t supposed to be funny, but its post-apocalyptic premise combined with 1980’s special effects made the Landmaster, well, a bit goofy.

We won't spoil the rest of the list or the machine that captures the number one spot, though we’re sad to not see The Dude’s Ford Torino from The Big Lebowski on the list, or the infamous AMC Pacer from Wayne’s World. Still, we’d say this countdown is a worthy representation of some of the funniest cars to ever grace the big screen.

Source: Donut Media


Gallery: Funniest Movie Cars

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