Magnat has presented a show car featuring a 20,000 Watt-plus sound system. Goodies attached to it include an Xbox 360 and an iPod.

German audio specialist Magnat has turned a Ford F150 pickup into a mobile concert support system. Boasting a mind-boggling sound system, the F150 not only drops decibels to extreme levels but also increases performance at the same time.

Hooked up to the passenger compartment are 17 speakers with no less than 10 amplifiers, producing over 20,000 watts of sound power. In addition, entertainment sources include DVD players and screens, iPod slots, TV systems and an Xbox 360 console. Accompanying them are Recaro sport seats and Alcantara linings throughout the interior. Magnat says it will fulfil almost any other additional customer requests that might arise.

Technical changes include a sports suspension and more power for the 5.8-litre V8. It now makes 250kW (340 PS/ 335 bhp) and features a new Wimmer racing exhaust. Rims and tyres are 22-inch alloys wrapped in 305/40-22 Yokohama rubber. The exterior is painted in a gun-metal matte finish.

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